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 Hi ... We're Colin & Wendy Soper

A Little Bit About Us


Colin was born and raised in Ayr, Queensland Australia and was a state and national level athlete as a teenager in the sport of Squash. Recurring injuries during his late teens curtailed what would have been a professional career in the sport.

Poor choices in diet and lifestyle and high levels of stress led to many health challenges, including a lot of weight loss, and general fatigue, which all led him to a decision point to make a major change. At the age of 33, Colin began to search for ways to regain health, feel better and remove the stress and anxiety.

Wendy grew up on a cattle property in Charters Towers and studied nursing after leaving high school. She left this to get married and start a family with her first husband. When her first child was born in 1980 with allergies and eczema her journey to seek answers began. Wendy now has 4 children; all of whom have had varying degrees of allergies. Wendy’s first marriage ended in 1994.

Colin and Wendy met in Townsville while Wendy was studying Kinesiology. Shortly after this, Colin moved to the Sunshine Coast to seek answers to his ongoing health challenges. He moved back to Townsville later and married Wendy in 1998.

Colin became a Yoga Chi Gung Instructor and qualified as a Kinesiologist. 

Passionate about developing the highest level of competence to help their clients, Wendy and Colin have also qualified as Psychotherapists and Hypnotherapists and run their own clinic in Townsville, Queensland Australia.





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