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Stress & Anxiety Relief Online Course

Welcome Module :
Everything you need to start your journey to stress and anxiety relief in minutes. We are both Clinical Practitioners but we are also people just like you, who faced our own personal journey to find a peaceful mind using these exact techniques. The tools in this program will give you a foundation to build on to be empowered to take charge emotionally.

What is Stress?
Learn about what has triggered your stress and anxiety. Why it occurs and the possible causes. You will learn about how we all become conditioned through our life experience and how our negative feelings are based on that old conditioning.
We use a simple model to help you understand your mind and understand what makes you act or react the way you do. We teach you how to understand fear and how to break through the fear barrier.

Why Emotional Freedom Technique?
By the end of this module you will be able to use Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to start removing the triggers that cause your anxiety and stress. You’ll understand how it all works and how it will help you release stress & anxiety safely with no negative side effects. You’ll feel the relief already.

Practical Applications
Now that you know what EFT is and how to use it, this module provides click and play examples from Colin and Wendy to help you deal with all kinds of stress and anxiety. Some of the practical examples here deal with stress, anxiety, phobias, fear of failure, overwhelm, sleep problems relating to stress and quieting a busy mind. Simply tap along with the experts and experience relief in minutes. It’s as easy as click and play.

Designing Your Life
We show you how to use EFT to help you keep your lifestyle more balanced to support a more calm and peaceful life. By now you are more skilled at using EFT to relieve your stress and anxiety. This module helps you include EFT in your daily life which means you’ve taken control. You now have the skills to know that whatever happens, no matter how busy life gets, you’ll have the tools to help confidently manage life’s challenges with ease.

Moving Forward
Pat yourself on the back, you’ve earned it! This is where we see how far you have come in your journey to a peaceful life as we recap on all that you have learnt. Now finally, you have the tools, understanding and know how to release stress and anxiety, manage your emotions and manage your life to be free from stress and anxiety.